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                                                             The Mugnai Tree

Research on our family tree began in 1996. We didn't realize the amount of time it would consume nor some of the difficult path's that we would need to take to obtain information. Especially with grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles gone, we had little or nothing to go on.

But ultimately, we felt our children and their children's children should hear the stories of the past  that has some laughter and some sorrow, but mostly told to us with all the enhancements that make a good tale.

As a family we want to share tradition's, recipes, pictures and things we can still remember about the family we know and love.

Even more important we feel our ancestors deserve the recognition that they even existed and that their lines survived and lived dreams beyond their imagination.

This is our generation's gift to all who look at it, who add to it and who pass it on. 

It truely was and is an honor to have gotten involved with this project as it opened our eyes to the hardships that our parents endured, the lost of family contacts and the happiness of finding new relations.

Thanks to the contributions and hard work:
Bruno Caproni            Mary Perpoli
Jim Mugnai
Kathy Mugnai
Alex Mugnai
Pat Percoco
Rowie Percoco
Betty Murphy

                The Percoco Tree
Elizabeth, Giulia, Grandpa (Roaldo),Searra & Alessandra
      Lorenzo Mugnai
        Firenza, Italy